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Dreaming of a “NORMAL” life after Covid-19?

Posted by Mama Ke Bosso on 12 Jun 2020 7:39:26 AM

Our lives have been disrupted in so many ways - but not our dreams for the future...

After spending so much time in lockdown with the kids everybody is thinking how nice it will be to have a home of their own. Yes, a place where I can work from home if I need to; can socialise with friends when “social distancing” is something from the past; and most importantly a place for my kids to spend their time in a safe environment.


But with Covid-19 making property visits riskier, how will I compare the options available to me without over-exposing myself? And when I do find something I love how can I be sure that the company I buy through is the best to get me a loan

Those are important questions and each should be treated with care in order to ensure you do not make a mistake and sign a contract for a home that you later find you do not want. So, be careful and make sure you ask these questions before you buy

  • Does the agent work for a reputable company with a solid track record? 
  • Does the company have satisfied clients?
  • What measures are they taking to ensure your safety? 
  • What online tools do they offer in order to minimise physical contact? 
  • Do they sell quality homes? 
  • Do they have a consumer friendly cancellation policy?

Home of My Own was set up as a modern, online business from the start and so we have developed tools for our clients to make it easy and convenient for them to shop online first. Our homeownership and financial consultants can help you make sure you have found the home that meets your needs and budget online before going to do a property viewing.

Then, if you are confident you have found the one that is right for you one of our experienced client consultants can meet you on site so you can seal the deal.

Let us help you find that home of your own by clicking on this link to view some of our available approved developments.

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